Dating a libra

The couple are flanked by a pair of witnesses, usually married relations. A curtain of cloth separates the couple. Two priests officiate. The couple are asked by the priests whether they consent to the marriage.


He then joins their hands, a custom known as Hthevr, hand-fastening . The senior priest places the right hands of the couple into each other. Then a piece of cloth is passed round the chairs of both and tied together.

Dating a libra

The first day of these is known as mndav-saro, when a twig of a tree, generally a mango-tree, is planted near the door, symbolic of a wish for fertility. This is followed by two Varadh-patra days when religious ceremonies in.

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Dating a libra

2 The ceremonial dress of the Parsees is the Jm-pichhoir of which the bride wears a white variety, with the bridegroom sporting the mark of a Kunkun on his forehead. A few hours before the ceremony a procession forms carrying.

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The root of one s intention is what conditions an action to be good or bad. There are three good roots (non-attachment, benevolence, and understanding) and three negative roots (greed.

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The Womens Ward (1905-1906) was built out of necessity. Prior to its completion women did not have separate quarters. Male inmates built a wall around the old Wardens home to.

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