Dating whiskey bottles

It is still possible to find 19th century bottles for sale. A major auction house recently auctioned off several cases of Old Overholt rye from the turn of the century. The important thing to remember is to be careful when.

How To Decode Any Whisk(e)y Label VinePair

Some lithograph companies offered generic labels that simply read Bourbon or Rye. They might get a bit more specific with labels for Monongahela Rye or Kentucky Bourbon, but the point of their business was to have labels printed that any.

Dating whiskey bottles

Some lithograph companies offered generic labels that simply read Bourbon or Rye. As you can see in this side-by-side picture, this bottle doesnt even have a label on the back. The next thing to look at is the label.

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Dating whiskey bottles

If not then be suspicious. Beware of counterfeit bottles. It is illegal to sell alcohol without a license. If you dont purchase the bottle from a licensed dealer or auction house, there may be no legal recourse if you purchase.


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